21shop - Pleased with my first online shopping

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I am very happy the dress i bought online is very very wonderful. The first online shopping experience is very happy.

I buy one prom dress for my college, and the dress size is fit for me, the color is the same as the picture. It arrives quickly. And i customized this dress. one of My good friends customize one dress from her mother,and that dress is wonderful,too.

I recommended this site for all young girls who love shopping online.

Before you buy the size, you had better send email to them about the size and color you want, or talk with them live. wish you happy shopping.

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Monetary Loss: $120.

Live away from pressure by 21shop.com

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I intend to buy some furniture. Some friends told me that if I chose metal furniture I should notice that whether it was rusty.

Then I am doubt whether I can choose a metal shelf or not. Finally I find wood furniture is my best choice. And I look it up in some reference book some one says that teak wood is better it is durable and you can use it for a long time and no need to buy new one. Do you need this information?

I hope person here may find this useful.I bought this sofa from 21 shop.com. Isn't it beautiful? It is comfortable and cheap. We live in this society and we are full of pressure.

So I want to make my house like a garden. I will feel happy living in a garden..This cabinet is wooden. I choose a dark color. Here I have some tips to care wood furniture.

I would like to share it with you, my friend. You can wash it with warm soapy water and you can remove some dirt and dust regularly so that you can use it long. Then when the wood is dry you can apply it in a teak wood oil. Besides, don't forget to check for cracks if you are free.I bought these chairs and table from internet.

Now that I decide to buy something from internet I decide to buy all things. That is convenient.I bought these chairs and table from internet. Now that I decide to buy something from internet I decide to buy all things. That is convenient.I use a grey and white ceramic it makes me feel my rest room clean and tidy.

I used to putting some plant here.

What do you think? I think my house like a castle.

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21shop - A whole life promise~~

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As a man I want to give my wife happy family, not big, not well decorated but at least warm and comfortable.

"When I want to ask my wife to marry me I spoke to her: "Meng, Marry me, although I don't have a car, do not have a house and a ring but I love you. When you are old, I want to be your legs, I can lead you to any place that you want to. I would like to be your teeth and I chew the food for you. I am your eyes, your ears and I want to be you. All that belongs to me is yours. Yours is still yours. Meng, marry me. Although I can not offer your wealth I can bring happiness to you…" This is what I say to my wife on the wedding day. At that time she didn't say anything she just nodded her head and at that time tears were full of her eyes. I swore that all my life I would not let her cry any more. This is my promise.

Below was what I gave to my life. I believe that you can do it also.Many person told me that it was not a easy thing to decorate. It is a war that without weapons. At first I was worried about it. But with the help of 21shop I finished it, easy and quick.It was difficult to choose furniture. I have no idea on what kind of furniture to choose from. There had so many stylish furniture for you to choose on 21shop. Their customer service representatives were really enthusiastic. They gave me many suggestions.

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21shop good website

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i order a sofa from 21shop, and it is very nice and high quality. so i must say that i do not complaint.i only to recommend it to you.because i buy one wedding dress from this and it shipped fast and great quality.

it is this one http://www.21shop.com/wedding-event/bridal/satin-strapless-neckline-a-line-princess-silhouette-wedding-dress-style-20479352zubs. it is only $67.very cheap .i check numerous sites before i order from this.

it is very valuable.Wholesale bridal dresses in all ways superior are expenses that are either online in the last year, which could have carried out parts soil. These wedding dresses are essentially the same as those you see in the magazine You want to be needed to buy more bells whistles.

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Monetary Loss: $105.

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